VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Janev: The fear that Russia will attack a NATO member state is increasing

Prof. Metodi Hadji Janev / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

The fact that ce tightens not only the rhetoric but и the seriousness of it leading to some kind of greater escalation, or Russia possibly striking a NATO member state ce comes closer due to the interpretation of the international law of war which currently the provision of weapons does not in itself make NATO member states as side in the conflict. However, the fact that ce announces instructors who would be on the ground in Ukraine и would be personally involved in the processes of delivery of the new combat systems, it seems that these countries are a legitimate target of Russia. This was pointed out by the professor Methods Hadzi Janev in his guest appearance on the show Free press.

- Theoretically, there is a danger that Moscow could act on the border points of Ukraine with NATO countries when the newly announced combat systems are delivered to Kiev. According to international military law, this is a legitimate target for the Russian army and is in accordance with the war plan. However, it will be reflected in the political sense of both sides and for now it remains unclear how NATO would react in such a possible situation. Whether he will withdraw or the Alliance will also decide to act remains unclear and uncertain, at least for now - points out Hadji Janev.

You can see more of the interview and topics of conversation with Hadji Janev in the video below.


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