VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Janev: The International Criminal Court is facing a new test for the case with Israel, the warrant for Putin remained unfulfilled

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After the announcement by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for the key figures in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Minister of Defense as well as against three leaders of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, the question remains whether this case will also it has the same fate as the arrest warrant issued last year by the ICC for Russian President Vladimir Putin over the military intervention in Ukraine.

- The fact that an indictment has been brought, just like in the case of Putin, shows that the Court does not distinguish between Western-supported or Western-denied regimes that are actually attacked, but another matter is how it will be possible to implement all this. It is interesting now that a large number of Western lawyers who were vocal when the accusation against Putin came out that it is very difficult, or it will be devilishly difficult to implement that accusation, now we will see if those lawyers or how they will react to this development of events, especially since they were very vocal claiming that it is possible to execute this announcement against Putin and that Putin could be arrested, analyzes prof. Dr. Metodi Hadji Janev for "Free Press".

A big challenge in Israel will be dealing with the support that Israel and the leadership in the conflict with the Palestinians and Hamas receive from the United States, and the American President Biden and the Secretary of State have declared that they are against the prosecution of the Israeli military leadership for war crimes against the Palestinian people. .

- I remain of the opinion that first the regime of Israel will have to be defeated, but also that the hand of support of the United States should be extended in order to be able to arrest Bibi, and for the leaders of Hamas I assume that the situation is already easier, but in that case if they arrest the leaders of Hamas, it represents an even more serious problem in the rift that already stands as a wedge in all those conspiracies about values ​​that conspire for some kind of system based on disregarding the norms of international law. All in all, all this represents a real blow to the efforts of both sides in the geopolitical race to build the argument that they are seeking justice, satisfying international law. Both the authoritarian regimes that are the challengers in this geopolitical race but also the liberal democracy, a good part of the countries that support Israel are now facing a serious test of how and in what way to cushion their narratives of respect for values ​​and their actions in implementing them. values, says Hadji Janev.

The professor in the analysis for "Sloboden Pechat" warns of cascading consequences of such decisions that must not be ignored and can have serious implications for the entire region.

- Netanyahu may also be arrested but you need to control the anger or if you don't control the anger not only of Israel and Washington and all this in itself puts this international institution to the test as well as many issues in the context of Africa and Former Yugoslavia - on the three sides, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, but also for our side, whether and what is the legitimacy of those institutions, whether it is really about political decisions or is it about international justice or international law that exists in some kind of framework that is supported . It will have serious implications for everyone in the region, such as the current resolution against Serbia for the genocide in Srebrenica, says Hadji Janev.

On the other hand, Norway, Spain and Ireland have already announced recognition of Palestine in late May which sends a different message.

- This is a serious blow to the internal cohesiveness within the framework of Western democracy, but also a serious blow to all the attempts of authoritarian regimes to present Western democracy as a democracy with double standards. With this step, these countries actually take the same line in their stances of protecting Ukraine, but not in the case of Israel, with their stances of protecting the Palestinians, because they believe that such stances violate international law, which they conspire to oppose, Haji decided. Janev.

The entire analysis of Prof. Dr. Metodi Hadji Janev, see below:

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