VIDEO INTERVIEW | Hadji Yanev: With the attack on Israel, Iran wanted to test the enemy's defense power

Metodij Hadji Janev / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

At this moment, it is worrying that Israel's security council has made a decision that this country will still retaliate against the drone attack by Iran. It remains unclear how and when it will be performed, where for operational purposes it is not revealed for now. However, what is current is also interesting, how Iran reacted and carried out the drone attack on Israel. Here, with the attack, Tehran wanted to test the power to defend the enemy and, based on the collected data, to build a strategy for future military intervention - Professor Metodi Hadji Janev says in the morning show.

- They did not intend to cause damage with this attack. This is a classic… type of brute force reconnaissance. When you see the arsenal they used.. they didn't use supersonic missiles so we can say they want to achieve surprise to overcome it. They tested two things. They first tested the deployment of the air defense systems of Israel and the US allies. Second, they tested what the tolerance of the system really is in practice. That is, how many missiles that system can hold at a given moment. All this is a parameter that you can get if you have secret spies or if you do it violently in war - says Hadji Janev.

More from the conversation with Metodi Hadji Janev in the following video.

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