VIDEO INTERVIEW | Gotse Pachemski: Strategic energy projects do not mean selling the state

Gotse Pachemski/photo Sloboden Pechat/slobodan Djuric

Goce Pachemski an analyst of the country's energy situation confirms the fact that our country is a large importer of energy in general, including electricity. According to him, investments in energy capacities have been neglected, and strategic energy projects do not mean selling the state, but rather investing in it.

Pachemski in an interview for Free press says that the reasons for the weak energy system in the country are the lack of investments, the lack of feeling among those who make the decisions and finally, due to the very fact that energy projects are complex and it takes time for their realization, which means the mandate of several governments.

"Chebren is a large hydroelectric power plant that has been designed, for which there is justification to be built. Why it wasn't was probably because of the other two factors. Now we are coming to a situation that will severely affect us and all of Europe due to the energy crisis, and we are starting to think now what to do," says Pachemski.

According to Pachemski, the problem in the country is that all capital investments in the energy sector are politicized.

"I am talking about Chebren and the four projects now. It will be obvious, it is becoming obvious that those projects are being politicized, and time is not in our favor. Nor will we get cheaper and more economically viable models in the future for the construction of those projects, so the price will go up, the price of energy will not decrease either. If we look at the current prices on some exchanges, yes, they may be more favorable, but in the long term, energy will become more expensive because it is not there." Pachemski considers the discussions about where the money will come from.

The energy analyst reminds that investments in this sector do not sell our energy independence.

"It's not like that, energy is a market, the state has mechanisms to protect the consumer, those mechanisms are allowed within the rules that apply all over the world, and we are bound by the rights dictated by the EU, says Gotse Pachemski and adds that in energy things must be planned, they must be fast, and those projects that should not depend on political wills and of course not have other extreme shocks and crises as there were crises so far, must be implemented efficiently.

Watch more of the interview with Gotse Pachemski in the video below...



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