VIDEO INTERVIEW | Gjoko Velkovski: Over 9.000 families at social risk damaged by an average of 120 euros per year

Djoko Velkovski / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Over 9.000 families at social risk have been damaged by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy by an average of over 120 euros per year. He made these claims Gjoko Velkovski the technical minister of labor and social policy during his guest appearance on the morning show of "Free Press ".

According to Velkovski, the reason for this matter is incompetence that made a mistake for which, as he says, responsibility will be demanded before the institutions. According to him, over 30.000 citizens who are they beneficiaries of funds from the system of social and child protection from 2020 year until today, they were damaged because none of the previous leaderships of the ministry worked according to the legally established obligations when it comes to harmonizing the amount of social assistance in relation to the cost of living and inflation.

- It is about 1,7 million euros of state money that has not been paid to the citizens - beneficiaries of funds from the social and child protection system. According to the Law, these funds should be paid to the citizens. The reason is simple and easy to see is what no corrections were made to the social assistance solutions in the past few years. The Ministry is in charge of each year after the publication of the costs for the standard of living, which is published by the Statistics Office, to make corrections to the solutions for financial assistance. However, the centers for social work did not. The problem is because the system does not work in practice as what is needed - asserts Velkovski and adds that the new Government will take concrete steps to overcome this problem in the first days of its formation.

In the conversation, Technical Minister Velkovski also referred to the promise for pensioners that in the first year the new government will increase pensions by 5000 denars linearly.

- We remain on the pre-election promise and the promise confirmed by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, which is that there will be an increase in citizens' pensions. I repeat the same, it will not damage the pension fund, because according to my information, it is stable and in good condition - pointed out Velkovski.

You can watch more of the interview with the Technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy Djoko Velkovski in the video below.


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