VIDEO INTERVIEW | Galabov: We created a magazine where young people write about young people

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Volunteer Center Skopje was created in 2006 as an idea of ​​a group of friends to open opportunities for young people from Macedonia. Over the years, more than 9.000 people have passed through WCS through various projects and exchange programs and created lifelong friendships. It was established 18 years ago by the permanent director Nikola Stankovski. After a year of volunteering at an EVS project in Lithuania, the then 19-year-old Nikola Stankoski returned to Macedonia with the idea of ​​enabling local and international experiences, living according to the principle: "Learning through practice". This is how a non-governmental organization for young people was established, or with its full name: Association for Volunteerism Volunteer Center Skopje.

Goran Galabov Coordinator of ESC & VET for Free Press says that their organization has been in existence for eighteen years.

– The idea came from our director Nikola Stankoski. Those were the post-conflict years in Macedonia and from that time the idea to create a magazine where young people would write about young people originated. In addition to these activities performed by the volunteers, we work on their social skills, we work with foreign volunteers, we host them here - says Galabov.

Their project is the magazine "Voices", which is completely a product of volunteers.

- Our volunteers master the secrets of creative writing, of texts, of journalism, however, they also work on its design. The magazine is, therefore, from the very beginning a project of the Volunteer Center Skopje. The magazine goes online once a month, and we print one issue every three months, says Galabov.

Their team consists of 6 people, director, project manager, operations manager and magazine editor, project coordinator and two volunteers from Poland as social media coordinator and program coordinator.

It all started in 2006 when the first "Voices" was printed. What started as a simple collaboration with the high school "Dr. Pance Karagjozov" is now a full reason for volunteers to come to Macedonia to strengthen their capacities and learn new skills.

Volunteer Center Skopje encourages young people to be active in today's society through journalism and design by giving them a platform to express themselves. They have writers and translators from all over who contribute to the magazine. The goal of VCS as an organization is to provide informal educational opportunities for young people in various fields, locally and internationally.

- Young people in Macedonia are on the priority list - we want them to progress, get out of the apathy they feel, go abroad, strengthen their sense of belonging, come back and start changing things around them - they say in Volunteer Center Skopje.

Until now, more than 180 young volunteers from Europe and activists have passed through their organization through various programs of the European Commission. The volunteers decided to come to Macedonia to strengthen their capacities, skills and knowledge, but also to help build a stronger and healthier society through volunteering and breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

Watch the entire interview of colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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