VIDEO INTERVIEW | Funk Shui: Being here inspires us and makes us happy

Funk shoes/ Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

When we talk about freshness and unique musical expression in Macedonian music, they always assert themselves unpretentiously and sincerely "Funk Shui", the band that most definitely leaves the category of "newbies" and enters the category of "serious" musicians. Recently, there is a new cultural center in Skopje, Laboratory and right there, they fit in with theirs concert show, which the audience will have the opportunity to see and feel April 26 at 21 p.m.

Always in the mood for a chat and this time in Free Press we talked about some topics that are important to them and that move them forward to create new music, to stay here, consistent with the responsibility to share what they carry within themselves as musicians.

– The beauty is that before we probably followed the maxims and paradigms of maximalist art and saw everything to be "cracked" or "hired", as our K15 idols would say. Now we're kind of looking at all aspects and potentials to "reduce" and "pull back", as another music star said, to make our songs clearer, more concise, more specific, simpler and easier to say. In the new music we are making at the moment, I think things will be much simpler, there will be two chords at most - says Luka about the new music they are creating at the moment.

After the two sold-out concerts last year in MKC, now we will hear and see them in Laboratorium, the new place which they say they are very excited about.

- We are really excited, because there is a new place in Skopje, our last few concerts were in MKC, and Laboratorium is a new place and this will be a new type of concert. We are excited to experience something new, especially with the Skopje audience. And the new music we make is very free and spontaneous, that's how the idea for this concert came about - says Mihail about the concert on the 26th at the Laboratory.

We also talked about a more sensitive topic, about whether it is worth fighting for young people to stay in Macedonia and how difficult it is to jump over all the obstacles on the way to the desired point.

– We are musicians and it's sad to think that we should be limited to one territory, and I don't see that we are somehow anchored here. Yes, we come from here, but that doesn't mean anything, we play our music everywhere and it's nice that with our profession we can go outside. No matter where you come from, you should not only stay there, but you should also aim further - says Martina.

- It is not known whether it is madness or intelligence the responsibility that a young man would feel to stay here. There is seriously a lot of work, more than you can imagine, on more topics than you can imagine, we are in great deficits and it is ungrateful to give the fruits of systems that already have enough. Although it would be much easier, my spirit would feel freer if I went there, because there is no pain that we all carry here all the time, no pressure on the head, shoulders, knees and airways, especially when we start warming up in wood – says Luka.

- We love the country, the city... and we find what we like here and we do it. The fact that we can export it in some way, we do that and that makes us happy and the fact that we are here makes us happy and inspires us somehow - Mihail ended the conversation on a positive note.

You can watch the entire conversation with "Funk Shui" at the following link:

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