VIDEO INTERVIEW| Dino Kotsev, big and small fan of the group "Memoria" got on the stage

Dino Kotsev / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

The music of the group "Memory" unites different generations, the proof of that is their fan, Dino Kocev, who is in the third grade at "Partenij Zografski" OU in Skopje.

At the big concert held in the Boris Trajkovski hall, Dino was in the first row with the flag, after which the musicians noticed him and called him to the stage.

- I wasn't ashamed, nor afraid, I didn't even feel nervous, I felt very good on stage. From there you can see the audience much better and that there are many people. I felt wonderful, says Dino Free Press.

Dino Kotsev / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

He has been listening to "Memory" since he was very young. At the age of four, he showed interest in several instruments, he was interested in how they produce music. He often asked: What is this, and what is this, and how does the trumpet play... Parents, in order to introduce him to more musical instruments, remembered that "Memory" is an excellent example of that.

- I have been listening to them since I was little and I love their music very much. I like all the songs. Every day I play a song from "Memoria" - says Dino.

He was also in the front row at the last concert in Shtip and again had the privilege of going on stage and singing side by side with proven musicians.

When Dino grows up, he wants to be either a soccer player or a singer, or both.

Watch the full conversation below:





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