VIDEO INTERVIEW | Dimovski: In the Balkans, a violent policy is applied that promotes violence among young people

Vlado Dimovski / Photo: Sloboden pechat / Metodij Zdravev

In the Balkans, the politicians played a violent policy and it was a bad message for the citizens who, from their point of view, saw an opportunity in the violence. The young people saw that and copied it with the words "when they can do it, why can't we do it too". As a comparison in the region, prevention is still being done, and less often with strict laws. As civil organizations, we are successful, but the intention is for the states to be ready to react appropriately to the manifested extremism, he said Vlado Dimovski head of the anti-violent extremism education project in the show Free press.

- Historical if ce if we go back in time we will notice that fan groups are the ones who practice violent extremism. At the same time, unlike in the Balkans, in European countries with rigorous measures and strict laws, violence in stadiums or outside of them between fans is reduced to a minimum and it is actually a rarity - points out Dimovski.

In the conversation in the studio of Sloboden Pechat, Dimovski announced the international conference at which the emergence of violent extremism in Skopje will be discussed.

- Representatives of civil associations from Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are participating in this conference who are they participants in an appropriate project for the prevention and education of students from peer violence, violent extremism and radicalism. The program of these activities covers the areas where violent extremism is expressed. These are countries from which citizens leave as trained soldiers to participate in war hotspots in the world. Our four-year work consists of activities with returnees and their family members. Our activities are coordinated with certain state institutions in order to to give them help these persons through resocialization - said Dimovski.

You can watch more of the conversation with Dimovski in the video below.

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