VIDEO INTERVIEW | Dimitar Apasiev, Left: History is repeating itself, and before us is the ideological division of partisans, supremacists and ballisticians

Dimitar Apasiev / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

With the "pasokization" of the SDSM, the first part of the task of the Left has been completed, which in the future parliamentary composition will be a deconstructive opposition to the government, based on the ideological struggle between the left and the right, says Dimitar Apasiev, the president of the Left.

In the morning program of Sloboden Pechat, he referred to the new parliamentary collation in the making, between VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi".

– "Worths" are non-ballistic and that is very dangerous. They are open with maps of "Greater Albania", see the monuments of those "butchers" in Gostivar, the desecration of the monuments of the Macedonian flag, that's all their oil. Those who are coming now are worse, because they do not feel the country as their own. Even these predecessors of DUI did not feel it as their own, but they were forced to play some western notes, because Hague cases were hanging around their necks - said Apasiev.

He believes that Macedonia is experiencing a return to history and a clash between partisans and ballisticians, as well as partisans against supremacists.

– We are returning history in a so-called Hegelian process and clash of left and right and struggle of partisans, supremacists and ballisticians - pointed out Apasiev.

As an alternative to the current system, he proposes "socialism in the Macedonian way", as an analogy to Chinese socialism. Apasiev claims that "the West is in the process of decadence, in contrast to China, which is on the rise." This situation in geopolitics, according to him, will lead to huge shifts in international relations that will bring changes here as well, after which it will be possible to establish socialism in Macedonia as well.

He is confident that a state of the type of former Yugoslavia is the only place in which the Balkan peoples can fully realize themselves and conduct serious politics.

– The first mantra is that Yugoslavia was over-indebted and thanks to foreign loans we lived. The factography is quite the opposite, now we, the ex-US republics, are seven times more in debt than Yugoslavia when it collapsed. What do you see materially as a benefit? Here we need to live seven times better according to that logic, so - asks Apasiev.

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