VIDEO INTERVIEW | Derala: Citizens should exercise their right to vote and go out and vote

Jabir Derala/Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Slobodan Djuric

In today's interview with "Sloboden Pechat", the president of the non-governmental organization Civil, Jabir Derala, emphasized that citizens should exercise their right to vote and vote in the upcoming counts. Derala believes that citizens should not let someone else decide their future, but also that it suits some political entities to have a lower turnout and they want to discourage citizens from voting.

"I use this opportunity to make an appeal to citizens not to allow others to shape their political culture or future, but to go out to vote themselves and vote the way they decide. Of course, many people in this country are not comfortable with that, they are trying to reduce turnout, to discourage people from going out to vote, especially if they are not sure who they are going to vote for, and here I want to add that we at Civil do not even it's important to go out and vote," said Derala.

More from the interview with Jabir Derala in the following video.

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