VIDEO INTERVIEW | Cvetkovska: It bothered me that the topics I covered in the news were on the margins, that's why I created a podcast

Teodora Cvetkovska / photo Slobodan Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

Journalist Teodora Cvetkovska "ran away" from the traditional media, television, and decided to focus on creating a podcast. Currently the most current medium of expression and one of the most common tools for informing a large audience. The popularity of creating podcasts is present internationally, but Macedonia is not bypassed by this trend either.

Cvetkovska signs herself as the author of the podcast "Anekta" and as the founder of the first aggregator for Macedonian podcasts.

Teodora Cvetkovska / photo Slobodan Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

She decided to go into podcasting because she was unhappy with how the topics she worked on in the news were treated.

- My topics were on the margins, at the end of the news for a maximum of 2-3 minutes, I didn't like that, I thought that the people I record those stories deserve more attention. The primacy given to politicians is wrong in my opinion, there are much more important people whose fate should be heard. That's why I decided to make a podcast where I will be the editor and where I will decide who and how long it will last - says Cvetkovska for Free Press.

According to Cvetkovska, the negative comments about "podcasts sprouting up like mushrooms" and about "everyone who thought of making a podcast" are completely understandable.

- I compare it to the influx of portals, if you think of a period when many portals were opened and the same comments circulated even then that everyone who thought of it opened a portal, that everyone could be a journalist, etc. That's how it was, but over time things filtered out and only those who had an editorial policy, knowledge of journalism as a job remained, I think it will be the same with podcasts, over time it will be seen who works for what and if they can persists in the market - adds Cvetkovska.

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Our society is ready for this media format, people want to listen and watch, to be informed through podcasts, explains Cvetkosvka. According to her, the good thing about podcasts is that they are thematic, so if someone wants to listen to sports, he chooses that podcast, in Macedonian we also have podcasts about a healthy lifestyle, about mental health, a podcast about economics, then podcasts that tell inspiring stories of unknown people, podcasts about entertainment personalities, etc.

- We made the podcast aggregator so that the audience can have all the Macedonian podcasts in one place and choose what they want to watch. We adjusted the format in our country according to the format of the Serbian aggregator. We already have a news aggregator, so why not one for podcasts. I hope that this aggregator will help to improve the Macedonian aggregator in every sense of the word, as well as mutual cooperation between podcasters - says Cvetkovska.

According to Cvetkovska, our market lacks podcasts that will educate.

See the full interview below:

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