VIDEO INTERVIEW | Boban Mirkovski: "Album" is not only a music album, but it is also a memory and respect for Macedonian entertainment music

Boban Mirkovski - pianist

In the news show of Free Press, the pianist was the guest this morning Boban Mirkovski, who, among other things, talked about his last music album where he played the greatest Macedonian music hits on the piano.

"This is my second album, the first album was with those classical pieces of music and it was called "Facing the sun". In general, I have been raised all my life with party music, especially with Macedonian party music, and all my life I had the desire to do something with it. I'm not a singer, I'm an instrumentalist and I wanted to make a kind of fusion of all that and I'm very happy that I was able to create this album. I am very grateful to all the authors of those works who selflessly gave their support, gave written permission, new arrangements were made especially for that occasion, some of them were made by me, some were made by my father Ljupco Mirkovski and Damir Imeri, who is actually also the producer of the album" said Mirkovski.

Mirkovski pointed out that the process of selecting compositions was quite difficult due to the large selection, and explained why his new album is titled simply as "Album".

"The selection was perhaps the most difficult part of the whole thing. I knew it would be difficult, but when we started compiling my first list there were about 120 compositions, but we had to cut it down to 12. We wanted to cover a period from literally the creation of that modern state from the 50s to the 60s, up to a certain period when I was a child in the 2000s. I wanted to include as many authors as possible, so we have Slave Dimitrov, Aleksandar Jambazov, Brangjolitsa, Kire Kostov, we have big names from the newer generation, where there is Vlatko Stefanovski, Aleksandar Mitevski, Dario Pankovski, so I think we made a good combination of everything that. It is not by chance that the title of this album is "Album", this is not just a music album, this is an album of memories, an album of pictures, and we connected the term album with all that and that's why we named it that way," said Mirkovski.

See more of the interview with Mirkovski in the video below.

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