VIDEO INTERVIEW | Bishevac: Macedonia as a country should create the conditions for the formation of a political nation

Safet Bishevac / photo Slobodan Pechat / Slobodan Djuric

Macedonia as a state, as a system, as an arrangement should create the conditions for the creation of a political nation and for us all to be Macedonians following the example of the Americans, regardless of ethnicity, says the journalist and former member of Parliament Safet Bisevac in the morning show of Free Press.

- I know that it is an extremely difficult process considering the processes in the country and what surrounds us, but I do not think that it is not impossible and I do not think that it cannot be reached to that extent. We need to create the key preconditions for all of us to live in a rich, normal state. A state in which justice and law will rule. A state in which there will be no organized crime to such a high degree. At the same time, there should be legal mechanisms that, with the fight against corruption, such phenomena will be reduced to a size that will not affect society - says Biševac.

Referring to the presidential campaign, Biševac says that only the current president Stevo Pendarovski, as a candidate for a new mandate, manages to dare and use the word Macedonia.

- It would not be strange and it should be so. However, until just before the start of the campaign, Mr. President rarely or never used the word. He always tried and added the name of the country to be the Republic of North Macedonia. Here the question arises whether that change is also a change in his policy? I am convinced that this is not the case. But this move at the same time shows a recklessness towards the citizen who should decide with his vote in which direction the state will move. It is political manipulation that is used everywhere and by everyone, but I think that it should be left out - says the journalist Biševac.

More from the interview with Safet Bishevac in the video below.

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