VIDEO INTERVIEW| Azeski: We are looking for support from the future government, to which we will respond with investments and employment

Branko Azeski / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

We need measures that will encourage the growth of exports, the growth of productivity, the growth of innovation of companies in order to achieve our goal, the growth of the gross domestic product. But the private sector will not be observers of that process, but will undertake to respond, says Azeski

With the new government, the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia, which is a representative of large companies, expects deepened cooperation and a set of measures to support the economy, but not unconditional, but measures that will enable the economy to give back to society by creating new jobs , will be invested, and in the bottom line – the growth of the gross domestic product will be ensured. This was disclosed by the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Branko Azeski, who was a guest in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat".

- We need measures that will encourage the growth of exports, the growth of productivity, the growth of innovation of companies in order to achieve our goal, the growth of the gross domestic product. But we, as the private sector, will not be observers of that process, but we will commit to the delivered support, to deliver a certain number of jobs and a certain amount of investments. We agreed with the future mandate holder that we will record new hires and investments on a daily basis. So, this is a process that we enter into together, and it cannot happen that money is received for unproductive spending. We expect credit support under the most favorable conditions, a fixed price of electricity, as well as a mechanism that will prevent the conversion of capital investments - says Azeski.

He reminded that they, as the responsible chamber, talked with all political subjects even before the elections, including the winning VMR-DPMNE.

- We talked about the real voice of the private sector being heard and delivered. That is why we will have our representative, who will follow the processes exactly where the laws will be drafted. There used to be working groups whose suggestions were partially used, and if they did not suit the government, they were put aside. The only national register of regulations, which has been functioning as a tool for ten years, will be divided for legal and natural persons, which means that it will have a more serious approach and will have a focus on companies. We will form a club of businessmen, regardless of which party they belong to, which will assert itself as a lobby group. As a mechanism at our disposal is the possibility for the president of the state to sign a law that is in the interest of business. And, naturally, the last are the judicial instances - says Azeski.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce says that businessmen demand responsible spending of budget money, because companies fill the state coffers.

– It does not hurt when we see that money is being spent that does not create any added value. We are exposed to the outside, and there is fierce competition. If you have huge costs at home that you pass on when you sell, you are not competitive. We are not asking the Government for mercy, but measures that will encourage activities that for business mean investment and creation of new jobs. The government should direct part of its funds through capital investments, or in other ways and other sources, to encourage these activities so that our goods, outside our country, are competitive, and this will mean increased exports and increased money inflows. This, in turn, will be felt on the standard of citizens and companies. Our goal is in the coming period, during the cooperation with this government, to increase the growth of the gross domestic product from the ridiculous 2 percent that we have to at least 4 percent - says Azeski.

He says that with the negotiations for entry into the EU, the Directive according to which the dialogue is between the government, and not as it is now with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, on the one hand, and the social partners - the Organization of Employers and the Union of trade unions, as representative representatives.

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