VIDEO INTERVIEW | Altiparmakov: Europeanization has no alternative

Jane Altiparmakov - Photo: Free Press

"Theoretically speaking, I am for Europeanization, because I don't see another way, I can't see the other alternative. That other alternative that is presented to me personally does not seem credible enough, nor do those who present it to me like Jane Altiparmakov convince me that it is really that alternative," said Jane Altiparmakov, film worker and director in an interview with "Sloboden Pechat".

He added that he still understands the frustrations and that Brussels must think about what would happen if the process stalls even more.

"But we as individuals should also be a little more responsible and realize that waving flags is not a nationalist way to present something, but we should be better as people," Altiparmakov said.

He added that the French proposal and the negotiation framework do not threaten our identity and that we should work on inclusion.

"We must urgently start working on the ground, to show the positive sides of that inclusion and what would happen if they became part of that normal civilized society." I think that people have lost that context and have closed themselves too much and are bombarded by strange nationalist propaganda, and that played a role," emphasized Altiparmakov.

You can watch the entire conversation with Altiparmakov at the following link:

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