VIDEO+PHOTO | After a quarrel with his parents, a teenager built his own home for about three thousand denars

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The teenage years are a real challenge when it comes to disagreements with parents. Each of us remembers that perhaps the most beautiful period in life when you think you are completely mature, but you are still following the "baton" of mom and dad, and you do not like it.

A teenager from Spain was very angry after an argument with his parents, and he decided to get rid of all the anger by digging a hole in the family garden.

Fourteen-year-old Andres Canto immediately after the quarrel with his parents took a digger and went out into the garden.

Out of anger, the teenager dug a big hole, and he returned to it every afternoon for the next three years and actively continued to dig. After six long years, Andres made a whole cave with a living room and a bathroom, as well as a part with an oven and a sleeping bed. He also made stairs for a safe entrance into the cave.

Young Andres is no longer a teenager because he is 20 years old, but to this day - today he can not answer what made him start digging in 2015, but despite that he is very pleased with the result.

At first he took the soil out of the hole with his hands and ordinary tools, but his friend helped him with the work with a pneumatic drill, which accelerated the process which eventually resulted in a cave three meters deep.

Now Kanto plans to expand his cave, which already has a heating system, internet and a music system. At the same time, the temperature in the cave is ideal, between 20 and 21 degrees between the months of May and September.

This project cost Andres no more than 50 euros, and the material was cheaper than he expected. He now spends up to five hours a day relaxing in the cave, thanks to the internet he installed himself.

After Andres posted the footage of the cave on social media, it went viral and caught the attention of local authorities. Kanto says that this project is not finished yet and that he plans to make a jacuzzi as well.

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