VIDEO+PHOTO | Unprecedented audacity in action – theft in broad daylight, in the presence of employees of "SLOBODEN PEČAT"

We all know that the rate of petty crime in our country is constantly increasing; What is the reason for this? Sociologists, political scientists, the Ministry of the Interior, etc. always give an answer, but what benefit do citizens have from various statistics, observations, etc.? None.

That we, as a company, also fit into the black statistics, is proven by the event of last week when we had the "opportunity", that is, our employee, to be robbed in broad daylight, in our office premises. The theft was carried out by, for us, an unknown person, who most brazenly entered one of the rooms of "SLOBODEN PEČAT" and after "searching" every jacket in the space - he "relieved" our employee for his wallet.

The event was recorded by our official video surveillance, and the recordings (from several angles) were handed over to the regional unit of the Ministry of the Interior, where the event was reported. We hope that the Ministry of the Interior will finish its work promptly, and we advise you, dear fellow citizens, to take a little more care with your belongings, lock your doors, be careful who contacts you and on what occasion, because, as the popular saying says , "who keeps himself and the Lord keeps him."


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