VIDEO+PHOTO | Lila as Marilyn Monroe at the wedding of Vaska Jankovska's son: The legendary "Erdelezi" was sung

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

The famous presenter and influencer, Lila Stojanovska shares interesting photos and videos on his Instagram account every day. Food, wonderful destinations, fashion combinations as well as wonderful moments spent with friends and family.

This weekend the presenter together with her son Philip were invited to a wedding celebration at the son of Vaska Jankovska, the woman who sang the legendary hit "Ederlezi" (George's Day) in the cult movie "Gang House", and was part of Goran Bregović's band for many years.


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Lila shared on social networks that her son Philip and Vaska's son, the groom Allen, have been friends since kindergarten. According to the videos that the presenter shared on her Instagram profile, she and Philip were one of the most cheerful guests.

"Well, just let it be fun... anyway, life goes on... wherever the drum beats, I'm there, it's not for nothing that they said, "he who sings evil does not think", and by God I sing and dance... try it too, it's therapy for the soul" - wrote Lila in the description of the video with which she shared beautiful moments from the wedding celebration.


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The presenter was dressed in an elegant pink dress, which she complemented with pink gloves. Lila's fashion choice was reminiscent of Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe, and her son matched her wearing a blue-gray suit and white shirt.

"Perhaps life is not rosy, but at least I am rosy" - wrote Lila in the description of photos in which she poses in a pink creation.

Lots of music and cheerful guests, and in addition to numerous hits, the wedding celebration could not pass without the performance of the legendary "Ederlezi". Vaska Jankovska received the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's 25th anniversary "Golden Ladybug of Popularity".

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