VIDEO+PHOTO | Eva Mendes admitted that she has been shaving her face for years: "I'm very hairy"

Photo: Instagram/Eva Mendes

The actress Eva Mendes is not afraid to show the real picture of unwanted hair and admitted that he has been shaving his face for years.

Namely, on her Instagram profile, she published photos and a video showing her positive experience with dermaplaning, a technique used to shave facial hair.

The actress revealed that she has been shaving her face at a beautician for years, leaving her face cleaner and softer.

Photo: Instagram/Eva Mendes

"I shave my face." I have received many comments from women who have been shaving their faces for years. "I guess 'dermaplaning' is the right word for this treatment, but things are what they are and I love what I do," the actress wrote on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/Eva Mendes

After the published photos, she was asked by curious fans about her experience with this technique and how regularly she practices it.

"I'm like an animal, so I should probably shave every other day." I'm hairy. "My father is a hairy Cuban, and I am a mini version of him," Mendes wrote.

Otherwise, Mendes regularly shares intimate moments of life with her followers on Instagram, where they can see her beauty treatments and everyday fashion combinations.

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