VIDEO + PHOTO | Positive daily dose: Meet Boggi - The dog who knows the public transport schedule in Istanbul

Photo: Private archive

Boji the dog became a real sensation in Istanbul for a very nice reason. Namely, this stray dog ​​can not stay in the shelter for a long time and not only wants to ride public transport, but the dog Bogi knows the exact schedule of transport.

Thus, it passes at least 29 stations using various modes of mass transit, from ferries to buses.

His movement was followed by a microchip set up by the Istanbul municipality to care for stray dogs. Also, the municipality welcomes him twice a week in a shelter, where his health condition is checked and where he receives appropriate care, reports The New York Post.

When the shelter staff discovered Bogi's passion for driving, they decided to visit him regularly on adventures.

"He likes it very much. "Indeed, he is more comfortable in the presence of humans than in the presence of other animals." said the shelter worker.

Boji has the sympathies of the passengers, so that no one bothers and everyone is happy to ride in this traffic jam…

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