VIDEO+PHOTO | Davkova from Tetovo with a message to Pendarovski: You are delegitimized and you should leave

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The presidential candidate of VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Siljanovska Davkova at the rally held tonight in Tetovo, he told a political opponent Stevo Pendarovski from SDSM that he should leave because, as he indicated, he was delegitimized, considering that, as he said during his first mandate, the country did not progress in many areas of social life.

"If you don't achieve what you promised, if you haven't progressed in the economy, in health, social protection, education, you are delegitimized and you have to go!" Do not promise that you will do miracles now in the second term. The behavior of our president looks like Janus with I don't know how many faces. He once said: – Everything that I have not achieved, I will achieve. So the next day he says: - I have come true, there is no reason to promise anything else that I will come true. Unbelievable," said the presidential candidate from VMRO DPMNE.

We need a politician with integrity and dignity, a politician with a people's face, who will be with the people and among the people through the people's offices. Who will be among the people through the messages in the Parliament, Siljanovska added.

"Who will be for the people when he vetoes, who will also be for the state and the nation when he sends the best diplomats abroad. Who will be for a peaceful Macedonia, for a safe Macedonia, when he will create an excellent policy in the Security Council. Who will be for art, science and culture when they award prizes to the best. Who will be for law and justice when he appoints the best lawyers to the Judicial Council. When it will be about constitutionality and legality, then when the best judges will be in the courts. Then he will deserve Macedonia and make it proud again", Siljanovska added.


And the president of VMRO DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski with criticism to Stevo Pendarovski.

Photo: Free Press

"SDSM will not say anything about the Freedom House report. And while he learned an empty and often repeated phrase that he did not have a single black spot in his career, the report of the American Freedom House states that the country where he is the president is heavily criminalized, and journalists who write about crime are under pressure from the authorities," said Hristian Mickoski at tonight's rally in Tetovo.

Mickoski added that "also the state of which Stevo is the president, the report states that there is a direct influence of the government on the judicial authorities and the prosecutor's office". Artan Grubi, Dimitar Kovacevski и Ali Ahmeti .

"This honorable Stevo Pendarovski is good to say what he was doing and what plans he was making in Villa Vodno in the presence of Artan, Kovachevski and Ahmeti a few months ago related to the amendments to the Criminal Code and possible amnesty of former politicians. For what purpose? In order to smuggle the constitutional amendments and to accept the Bulgarian dictate, but at the same time to amnesty former politicians who will harm him or will try to harm him, VMRO-DPMNE and the Your Macedonia Coalition. Stevo Pendarovski should answer this and then we will discuss whether we will go to the debate or not, which is the way it was said today. "Stevo ran away like the biggest coward," Mickoski told the crowd.

The candidate for MP from VMRO DPMNE also addressed the audience Dafina Stojanovska who said that the current president uses the successful ones for his own PR, and as a statesman he does nothing for them.

"Well, here, let me remind Stevo that the little Macedonian used him for his own PR and initially just took a picture with him, so that after more than half a year passed, under pressure from the public, he awarded him an award for young talents. At the same time, Stevo said that, I quote: "It is necessary for institutions to create a stimulating environment that will support, encourage and direct the development of children with above average intelligence." - final quote. The president of "theirs" - for whom they have not yet provided textbooks. What cynicism." Regarding the case of oncology, however, where cancer patients were literally killed, Stevo did not hesitate. That's Stevo - Kurbla. Our president is a "big" man! Therefore – no, thank you! Stevo – zero two, never was and can never be ours. He was everyone's but not ours. Therefore, Stevo, pack your bags and run as far away from Macedonia as you can, because you yourself said that you would leave Macedonia, if you were not its president," said Stojanovska.

Stojanoska added that Macedonia needs a president like Professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, who knows the laws and principles of government flawlessly. She also sent a message to the presidential candidate to show no mercy to injustice.

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