VIDEO + PHOTO: American breaks Guinness record for world's largest mouth

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PHOTO: Instagram

American Samantha Ramsdell broke the Guinness record for the largest female mouth in the world. As reported on the official website According to the Guinness Book of Records, her mouth is 6,52 centimeters wide, reports CNN.

@ samramsdell5Found a ginormous cinnamon roll so of course I wanted to see if I could #onebite it😂#HoldMyMilk♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod

"I never thought I could be so famous for my mouth"she says.

@ samramsdell5Happy National Donut day! Celebrating by going for 3 donuts😂 @dunkin ## onebite ## PerfectAsWeAre ## BestSeatInTheHouse♬ Punk Monk - Playboi Carti

"Tip for all those who have something unusual and would like to win a Guinness World Record, do it. Be proud of yourself and make it your greatest asset. That is your super power. That's what makes you special and different from everyone else. "says Samantha.

@ samramsdell5I just feel like I am this character 😂## GossipGirlHere ## seashellsSea shellsea is iconic - fishhooks <3

Samantha regularly demonstrates the unusual abilities of her big mouth on the TickTock network, which is followed by 1,7 million people.

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