VIDEO POLL | Why did you choose vocational instead of high school education?

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The school year for secondary schools ends in about twenty days. Free Press asked high school students from secondary vocational schools why they chose to specialize in high school instead of enrolling in high school education. Most of the high school students knew from an early age which profession they wanted and that's why they enrolled in vocational education.

- I am interested in mechanical engineering or some such aspects. In "Vlado Tasevski" high school, I saw that there is a mechanical profession - says a student in this school.

A girl explains that she was interested in transport and forwarding and it is much easier to get a job somewhere and she doesn't have to go to university.

- In this school there is an electronics department, and I plan to continue with it in the future - says a boy from the school.

A student says that I want to work with everything related to transport and forwarding, and she did not want high school.

- I want to have a trade, I didn't feel like going to gymnasium because I want a profession, I like mechanical energy and technician - says the student.

We also asked the professors what is the advantage of secondary vocational education.

- The children can start the production process right away, says one of the professors.

A professor from the same school says that children have quite a big advantage over those students who finish high school education.

- They can get involved in the work process, that is, in the labor market, to find a job, because there is a demand for all three profiles that are educated in our school - says a professor at the school.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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