VIDEO SURVEY: A reduced price of certain items does not increase the standard of the citizens

Photo: Anketa Sloboden pechat/Prinskrin

Yesterday, the Government announced reduced prices for a hundred products. He recommended the citizens to follow the red-yellow sign that will take them to the products with a recommended price. Free Press asked the citizens how satisfied they are with the new prices and does this affect the standard of living? Most of them were informed about the new prices and bought some of the discounted products. For others, the reduction is insignificant and will not improve living standards.

- I know about the new prices, in most markets the prices have been made super. It is normal that it was a few months ago - says a passer-by who we found in front of one of the markets.

For others, the reduction is minimal.

– Some products are priced and all are discounted. But there are those who don't - says a resident of Skopje.

Others are not informed.

- We don't know how to say in advance... Well, I heard that several items will be reduced. I don't know, we still don't know which items will be reduced by the Government - says a passer-by.

To our question, how real is the reduction of products, some citizens say that nothing is real.

– Salaries are in place, pensions too. What reduction are we talking about!?-asks an outraged pensioner from Skopje. 

- Nothing will help, nothing. If it is from August, ten percent of those prices will not even be felt, even then the prices were high - say the citizens.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli here: 

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