VIDEO SURVEY: With the price of peppers rising, you can't make a winter shop!

Photo: Video poll/ Prince Screen

The season of making a winter coat is in full swing. Considering the price increases of peppers and tomatoes in the country, the team of Free Press headed to the local markets asking if they could afford to make a winter coat this year? Will this mean the end of the tradition of making ajvar and lutenica?

Citizens have a divided opinion, for some it is too expensive and they will not make a winter house, for another part it must be eaten regardless of the price.

- Of course I will make a winter coat. I don't expect any crisis, I'm quite satisfied - says a woman from Skopje.

For another, everything is too expensive.

- This year I will not make a winter coat because it is very expensive. No, the market does not suit us. I will buy a ready-made product from a store - says a random passer-by we met.

Another says she doesn't for practical reasons. Her family does not eat wintergreen.

- First, they don't eat me, secondly, it is very expensive. What should I do with my pension - says a pensioner.

An elderly lady complains that we are asking her a difficult question.

- Maybe, I will make a winter coat, but minimally. Everything is too expensive 100 denars, peppers, tomato 100 denars.

The prices are relatively high and it is very difficult to do - says the lady. She explains that the standard in Macedonia is very low, especially for pensioners, the pensions are small, barely making ends meet.

A resident of Skopje says that it must be eaten. He will buy 100 kilograms of peppers for 40 jars.

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