VIDEO POLL | How do hellish temperatures affect health?

Photo: Free Press/Prince Screen

Macedonia was hit by a heat wave. It is in the orange phase for several days. Higher temperatures will follow this weekend, and experts advise careful movement, especially between 10 a.m. and 17 p.m. Free Press asked the people of Skopje how the change of weather affects them and how they spend the hellish days and tropical nights?
Most of them barely work at this time:

- I can't function. My body doesn't work, my brain doesn't work. Nothing works. You turn on the computer, it doesn't work, because it's too hot - says a young man from Skopje.

An elderly lady says that she spends most of her time at home under air conditioning.

- I'm sitting under the air conditioner, drinking beer, cooling down - says a young boy.

Another says that he goes to cafes, where there is air conditioning, where there is water splashing.

- This kind of weather is bothersome. We have problems with our necks, our backs don't hurt - says a resident of Skopje.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below: 


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