VIDEO POLL | Does Skopje have a night life?

Nightlife survey in Skopje/Photo: Sloboden pechat

Does Skopje have a night life and how is it compared to previous years? Where do you go out, which are the cult places, what is offered for younger people, and where do older people go out? Free Press the people of Skopje were asked what the night life is like in the capital. Answers generally similar, it was much better before than now. Young people say that they are left to themselves to organize and socialize, and the elderly talk nostalgically about the past.

- Nightlife in Skopje is currently in a process of development. We are on a good way to develop a good night life for both the younger and the older - says a younger resident of Skopje.

Another explains that he is not satisfied at all. He says that we have very few discotheques and those that do exist are crowded and oversaturated and there is no greater choice.
For a Skopje woman, night life has been lost for a long time.

- I don't think anything, he's been gone for a long time - she says.

There are no cultural places for students in Skopje anymore.

– Ninety percent of the time only the casinos are open. The places need to expand a little, to raise the quality of the bars. There are no places that suit my style and my taste for going out - he says.

An older woman from Skopje explains that she doesn't go out like she used to.

- What I see is far from what it was before. We older people gather more often in a homely atmosphere - she says.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:


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