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The podcast as a medium has, in recent times, become the most popular way of expression among presenters. At the same time, the number of podcast audiences is growing, people have gotten used to and want to be informed through this format, they want to listen and watch podcasts, say podcast hosts.

Free Press asked the Macedonian podcast hosts where the urge to deal with this medium came from.

- It was not my idea to be part of a podcast at all, but since the radio medium where I work moved to social media and took that form, and since I am part of that team, they invited me to be one of the presenters - says Marco Mark, host of the Urban FM podcast.

- We thought that there was a lack of educational content on the air, and now there is more and it is getting better, and that makes me happy - said Jovana Avramovska, host of the "What Makes the World Turn" podcast.

– I have been consuming podcasts for years. At the same time, I am very curious about the subject of psychophysical development, I want to talk and that's how I started. Then, as if sent by God, Zhare appeared and things clicked - says Tome Popchevaliyev, host of the podcast "The Biker and the Crossfiter".

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Macedonia recently received the aggregator for podcasts, the purpose of which is to place all podcasts in one place and for viewers to reach the desired content in a simpler way. According to Sasho Oradanovski, host of the "Politicians" podcast, the aggregator should become a real aggregator.

- For now, this aggregator is very rudimentary, in order to really contribute to the development of podcasts, it must become a real aggregator. It means making daily bulletins with daily reports, but that requires special machinery which I assume is not available behind this aggregator. Unfortunately, they use our labor to make some kind of profit - says Ordanovski.

- The podcast aggregator is a great tool for anyone who wants to watch a podcast in the Macedonian language, but doesn't know which one to choose. There they are all sorted alphabetically and with one click it takes you to YouTube to your new favorite podcast - says Zarko Batic, host of the podcast "The Biker and the Crossfiter".

Our interlocutors are optimistic that the Macedonian podcast is going in the right direction.

Watch the entire video below:

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