VIDEO POLL | Do believers fast and for what reason?

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Easter and Ramadan fasts in the month of March. Who observes them and why, is fasting due to religious beliefs, for health reasons or not fasting at all. Free Press asked the citizens if they fast and what is the reason for observing the fast? Most of the respondents, especially the younger ones, fast and respect the fasting rules.

- Yes, of course I am fasting. We observe fasts from today until Easter - says a young man from Skopje.

For him, fasting means cleansing the body and spirit. But he explains that there are those who fast because of a diet, they believe that by fasting they will lose some of their excess weight.

An elderly gentleman says he fasts but does not consult a religious person before fasting.

- No, only when we go to communion, it is at the end of the fast - says the gentleman.

A younger man from Skopje says that he needs a consultation with a priest. A student explains that the family fasts at their home.

A young Muslim man says he is fasting.

- One fasts from dusk to dawn, that is, from sunrise to sunset, isn't it, the whole day... however, the point is not just to be hungry, there is another thing that needs to be fed, that is, spiritual food - he says.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below: 

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