VIDEO POLL | Are you in favor of cosmetic surgery and would you do something for beautification?

Aesthetic surgery survey/Photo: Free Press

Lip and breast augmentation, eyelid correction, facelift. Is everything done for rejuvenation? How many people from Skopje are for or against plastic surgery and when do they justify it and when do they criticize it? Free Press asked the citizens if they were in favor of cosmetic surgery and would they do something for beautification? Most of the respondents prefer natural beauty and would not go to a plastic surgeon, but there are also those who have already undergone beautification. Some of them only approve cosmetic surgery if there is a need to correct a physical defect.

– Aesthetic surgery is a very humane part of medicine, but it has been turned into turbo-folk. Big round breasts are not cosmetic surgery, says one gentleman. A woman from Skopje who has already visited a cosmetic surgeon says that she is in favor of cosmetic surgery and that she supports it.

Skopjanec explains that if someone wants to change something about himself that is objective, it's fine, but if he goes for surgery just to increase something, he thinks there's no need. A young girl says she is very against cosmetic surgery.

Skopyanka says that natural beauty is the best thing and that she would never change anything about herself.
A younger man from Skopje explains that people should invest their money in a healthy diet or the gym, instead of plastic surgery.

- I think it's negative, because all women look alike - says a woman from Skopje.

Another explains that she had an intervention to improve her self-esteem.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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