VIDEO POLL | Should the school year end on June 10 or June 17?

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On June 10, the school year ended, but only for high school students. All those attending primary education will finish the school year on June 17. Free Press asked the parents if the school year should have been extended due to the spring break that the students received for the first time this year?
The answers are different, for some of them the solution is to return the end of the school year to June 10, but others have nothing against extending the school year.

- I am a teacher myself and therefore I think it is justified. The material should be processed to the end - says Skopyanka.

For another, in this heat, there is no argument for extending the school year.

- I don't see why it shouldn't be continued. There is too much panic. Now it was hot, I don't know what else, nothing will change in a week - says a resident of Skopje.

A mother of an elementary school student justifies the extension of the school year.

- It's a problem to keep for the children - she says.

A young man from Skopje says that there is no valid reason to extend the school year, and only for primary school students.

– Is it justified for children to have shortened hours in hot weather? Of course, if they don't have air conditioners - he says.

See the entire survey by colleague Agnesa Chavoli below:

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