VIDEO | Zografska: Institutions to understand that they can solve violence against women

Tea Zografska and Sandra Kimevska / Photo: Free Press

Institutions can significantly reduce the problem of violence against women and domestic violence - with this idea Union - National Council for Gender Equality in the coming days organizes a series of round tables that will include all stakeholders in solving this problem.

"The main goal of the roundtables is to open a discussion that will establish better cross-sectoral cooperation between all stakeholders, ie institutions to be able to coordinate faster and give a faster institutional response when the victim himself reports the violence and starts walking." on the road to problem solving. I think that without the institutions that, after all, bring the solution and act and solve the problem for the victim. "The willingness of the institutions to cooperate with non-governmental organizations shows the readiness to take more instructive steps towards solving this problem, as well as their interest to improve," Tea Zografska, program manager of the National Council for Gender Equality, told the Morning Briefing.

Sandra Kimevska, coordinator of the SOS line, which has existed since 1992, said that now victims of gender-based and domestic violence are increasingly interested in permanent solutions to their problem, seeking employment, educational opportunities, or housing.

For more on the conversation, watch the video:

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