VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic got a role in the new movie of "Asterix and Obelix"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears in the role of a Roman legionnaire "Antivirus"/photo: Printscreen/Youtube/Pathe

Zlatan Ibrahimovic shared the announcement of the new series of famous heroes Asterix и Obelix, in which he also got his role.

The Swedish football player also tried his hand at the movie screen, the scene that can be seen is exactly in Zlatan's style, and we believe that the movie will be even more popular because of him.

The striker of Milan appeared in the sequel Asterix and Obelix - Middle Kingdom, which opens in theaters next February, directed by Guillaume Canet, who also plays Asterix.

Ibra shared on social networks the announcement of the film, whose main actors are the famous Gallic heroes, and the football player plays the villain, because he appears in the role of a Roman legionnaire - "Antivirus".

The player is currently recovering from knee surgery and is awaiting his return to the field, which could happen just in time for the premiere of the film.

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