VIDEO | "We live as if we were never separated": Djoko Taneski about the birth sister he found after 45 years

Photo: Facebook / Gjoko Taneski

The Macedonian singer Gjoko Taneski recently he was a guest in the show "Nesho kontske", hosted by Snezhe Velkov. Among other things, the singer spoke about the emotional situation in his family, i.e. that he found his birth sister after 45 years, whom he did not know existed for many years.

"You found your sister after many years...", the host started the conversation.

"After 45 years...Sister born from mother and father," replied the singer.

The host then asked him if he knew she existed.

"I didn't know for a while. Later I found out. "Initially we couldn't find her, so we found her... Now we live as if we were never separated," Djoko explained.

When Sneje was asked what it changed in his life, he answered:

"Now I have learned that my family is the most important. I learned how important it is to have someone to fight for. Now I have another member I want to fight for. And not only a sister, but I also have grandchildren. I don't know, we got rich..." concluded the singer.

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