VIDEO: "I'm alive and well, I don't understand the fuss about my illness," wrote Kadyrov

Ramadan Kadyrov / Photo: EPA

On the official Telegram profile of Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian Chechen Republic and a strong ally of President Vladimir Putin, a video appeared in which he denies information from social networks that he is in poor health.

As reported by Reuters, to their question to an official Kremlin whether the 46-year-old Kadyrov is being treated in a hospital in Moscow, the Kremlin replied that there is no information about the case.

However, a video posted on Kadyrov's Telegram channel shows him sitting next to a man he says is "our dear uncle Mahomed Abdulhamidovich Kadyrov" and giving him a friendly slap on the arm and head.

However, according to Reuters, it is not clear when exactly the video was recorded.

"Glory to the Almighty, I am alive and well and it is not at all clear to me why there would be a crowd even in the case of my illness?" reads the post allegedly written by Kadyrov.

Spokesmen for the Chechen leader did not return multiple calls from Reuters earlier to comment on reports that Kadyrov was seriously ill.

On September 15, the Ukrainian secret service announced on its Telegram channels that the Chechen leader was reportedly in serious condition and had fallen into a coma. None of the officials confirmed this news.


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