VIDEO: Fierce fighting in Ugledar, Russian forces are trying to capture the city

A fierce battle is underway in the city of Ugledar in eastern Ukraine, which Russian forces are trying to capture, Russian and Ukrainian officials said today, and Kyiv says that Moscow is "exaggerating" the success of its offensive.

The head of the Russian occupation administration in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk, Dennis Pushlin stressed that "he expects good news from Ugledar, a mining town that had about 15.000 inhabitants before the Russian invasion".

"The encirclement and future liberation of the city will solve some things, Pushlin said, stating that the victory will allow a change in the balance of forces on the front and open the way for an offensive towards the cities of Pokrovsk and Kurakhove, which are in the north.

One of his advisers, Ian Gajin said that "heavy and brutal fighting" was underway and that Russian forces had taken positions in the southeastern and eastern parts of Ugledar.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian military for the eastern zone, Sergiy Cherevati confirmed that a "fierce fight" was going on, but assured that the Russians were suppressed.

"The enemy is trying to have success in that sector, but it is not succeeding thanks to the efforts of the defense of Ukraine," Cherevaty said.

Ukrainian officials said this week that the outnumbered Russian military is intensifying attacks in the east, especially around Ugledar, and Bakhmut. Bakhmut has been a target of Russia for months, despite the heavy losses of its forces.

Russian forces and troops of the private paramilitary group "Wagner" recently captured Soledar, a town north of Bakhmut.

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