VIDEO: Fierce arguments at Deve Bair, Bulgarian citizens demand entry to Macedonia

Arguments on the Macedonian-Bulgarian border/Photo: Screenshot

Viktor Stojanov from the Macedonia Foundation published a video on Facebook showing several Bulgarian citizens trying to enter the Deve Bair border crossing and insulting and threatening the Macedonian border police.

We are talking about a group of about 50 people who went to pay their respects to Gotse Delchev at the grave in the church of Saint Spas in Skopje.

The nervous Bulgarians also threatened the journalists who recorded the argument.

They ask the Macedonian police to let them enter Macedonia and go to Skopje, and the policemen explain to them that they should return to their vehicles and wait to pass the check because the check-in system failed this morning. all Macedonian border crossings and there are problems with the passing of travelers who want to enter the country.

Bulgarian Minister Demerdziev told BTA this morning that around 150 Bulgarian citizens will come to Macedonia to celebrate in St. Spas emphasized that some others will not be allowed to leave Bulgaria so that there are no problems at the celebration in Skopje of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev.

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