VIDEO | Zdravko Colic revealed that Dino Merlin wrote three songs for him for the new album: He is a great professional, friend and artist

Dino Merlin and Zdravko Colic Photo: Printscreen/Instagram/Dino Merlin

Before the concert in Osijek, Zdravko Colic spoke to TV Pink where he revealed that his new album will feature three songs written by Dino Merlin.

In an interview with the "Premier" show, the legendary singer confirmed that he has collaborated with Merlin again.

"We have three songs, I'll tell you right away, three songs on the new album, I also have some of my own songs, there are also various other authors, so for now we have three songs by Dino, and with one of them we will open this round of new songs ", he said.

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It was Čolić who was recently a guest of his colleague at one of the concerts in Belgrade, and he also commented on their collaboration.

"We also made two beautiful singles, 'Da ti kajem shta mi je' and 'Kao moja mati'." We are good friends and he always had good energy towards me and all of Sarajevo, including Brega," he said.

He emphasized that he always made friends with the people of Sarajevo and added: "He is a little younger, but he mostly followed what we were doing, so later we cooperated in some way. He wrote me some new songs, I heard that and then we got into that work process."

"I'm looking forward to it, he's a great professional, friend and artist," he added at the end.

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