VIDEO | Zakharova published a private video of her erotically eating strawberries: This is shameful and disturbing

Photo: Printscreen / Twitter

The spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 46-year-old diplomat Marija Zaharova, published a video on the Internet in which he eats strawberries in an erotic way and records the whole process.

The video was transmitted by the channel Nightingale Litter on Telegram.

A Russian folk song is heard in the background of the recording "Pommegranate raspberry".

The journalist Kevin Rothrock he also shared the video on Twitter.

In the comments, the question arose as to whether Zakharova was really in this recording and whether it was true that she posted it on her official page on the social network. Journalists confirmed that it was indeed her.

She published the video with the title "My Harvest".

After the video appeared on social networks, disgusted comments poured in, in which Zakharova was not spared at all.

"This is rude and arrogant", "Is this for her 'OnlyFans'", "Who stole these strawberries?", "This is so embarrassing?", "This is disturbing", considering that these reactions are not the sharpest , there are worse, rude comments.

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