VIDEO | The second day of the feat of Nikola Rokvic: The Serbian singer announced himself from the road to Greece

Nikola Rokvic / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The Serbian singer Nikola Rokvic he set off on foot to Greece and has to travel 1.150 kilometers, all because of the humanitarian mission he has. The singer has to reach the monastery of Saint Nectarius of Aegis, and on the way he will collect funds to help many families, but most importantly, sick children.

The singer left the Saint Sava temple yesterday, and regularly informs his followers about the journey on his Instagram. Rokvic spoke on the second day of the feat and told what the situation was on the way.

"There is a strong wind, but it is not terrible, because there is no rain," Nikola said in a short video that he shared on the Instagram social network, and then announced again.

"I say: 'It's good, it's not raining.' People say nicely: 'Shut up, don't talk'. Let it rain, it's all right. Just to be happy. Cheers, people," added the singer.

By the way, he and his wife Bojana founded a foundation that will help the most vulnerable.

"We inform you that Nikola and I founded the "Family" foundation, which will deal with the preservation of traditional values ​​and the family as an institution and as a sacred place. The foundation will help families with many children, vulnerable, talented and sick children. And our first mission will be helping children's oncology," said the singer's wife.

Nikola Rokvic set off for Greece on foot, he has to travel 1.150 kilometers

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