VIDEO: "Boiling" in Belgrade, thousands of people protest against police brutality tonight

Protest against police violence in Belgrade / November 28, 2021 / photo: Twitter

A protest against the police violence against the citizens who blocked the traffic through Serbia yesterday started in Belgrade at the Republic Square tonight at 18 pm.

The protest, which is attended by several thousand citizens, is organized by the movement "Let's not drown Belgrade", the Ecological Uprising, the Open Platform "Action", and the protest was supported by Zoran Lutovac, the president of the opposition Democratic Party. Hundreds of uniformed police officers are present.

Dobrica Veselinovic from the movement "Let's not drown Belgrade" said that after yesterday's violence when masked hooligans attacked the gathered citizens in Sabac with an excavator, they gathered in Belgrade today to tell the people what really happened in this Serbian city.

- We are here for people to understand that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has abused the state to allow hooligans to do what they want. Some other people were detained in Sabac and we will help them in every way. We demand that they be released, and that those who are really hooligans be arrested, said Veselinovic from the movement "Let's not drown Belgrade". He said he would support the next blockade on Saturday, and called on citizens to protest tomorrow in Loznica.

After the address of the speakers on the Republic Square, the citizens started a protest walk towards the public broadcasting service RTS, where they will ask for their demands to be read on the state television.

Last night was arrested and Dragan Milovanoviрни Crni was detained for 48 hours, a protester who at yesterday's blockade of key roads in protest against the adoption of the law on land expropriation and the law on referendum prevented the driver of the excavator with members of the ruling SNS from entering the group of gathered citizens.

On the occasion of yesterday's events, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church Porphyrije appealed in which he asked all citizens for peace and mutual respect.

In reaction to yesterday's protests, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said that the people who blocked the roads "violated the Constitution by endangering the freedom of movement of other people", but also that the police did not intervene.

- They brag when they gather 3.000 people, to gather 5.000, you will agree, God is not exactly what. Gazelle was blocked by 50 people on one side, 70 on the other, and two million people live in this city, said the Serbian president

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