(VIDEO) In a Ukrainian attack, the Russian space communication center in Crimea was hit

A series of explosions took place in occupied Crimea during the night near several populated areas.

Local media reports, in particular, about an attack on a Russian military unit near Yevpatoria.

The Crimean Wind Telegram channel, citing video and photos from eyewitnesses, reported that a large fire was taking place in the military facility of the Russian forces in the village of Vitino.

According to the information shared on Telegram, after the explosions heard by the locals, ambulances moved towards the settlement.

It turned out that the center for long-range space communication in the village of Vitine was hit by Ukrainian forces. This building was taken by the Russians during the annexation of Crimea.

NASA's interactive satellite map captured a fire on the territory of this Russian military unit.

The researchers discovered that at least one Krasukha electronic warfare system was located on the territory of this facility, designed to cover command posts and other important Russian facilities.

From a military facility near Yevpatoria, the Russians control the orbital array of their spacecraft.

In particular, they provide navigational control and space tracking.

The weakening of Russian air defenses in the temporarily occupied territory increases the chances of Ukrainian missile attacks on the military facilities of the invaders.

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