VIDEO: A trash can installed in Skopje that speaks - warns and thanks

Talking Bucket/Photo: Center for Contemporary Arts

The city is covered with garbage, Skopje and Macedonia are covered with garbage. Based on this fact, we decided to create an interactive trash can that speaks to passers-by and warns them not to litter, the Center for Contemporary Arts announced about their new installation.

- We hope that by reminding the citizens and the authorities in such a creative and somewhat humorous way, we will succeed at least a little in raising awareness about communal hygiene and contribute to a cleaner city, the Center for Contemporary Arts emphasizes.

The bin is made from recycled materials (an old sewer pipe) and houses electronics with sensors that detect movement and warn people not to litter around, and when someone litters the bin says thank you and tells its story about the rubbish in the city. In its sermon, the bin offers citizens the opportunity to talk to it and hear the reasons why the city is dirty, but also to hear the problems faced by the majority of garbage cans.

In the coming period, the bin will be placed (in front of the design studio of King of Print near Cafe Krug and at the Mobile Assembly Gallery in the Francophone Park) in the center of Skopje, and from next week citizens will be able to meet and talk with the bin at different locations.

The poem is the work of the Urban Art Actions group, which works in conjunction with the Center for Contemporary Arts.

You can watch the video detailing how the bin works here:


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