VIDEO | In Podgorica, a new protest by the opposition: "Never Montenegro like what Vucic dreams of"

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The third protest of the opposition, led by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is taking place tonight in Podgorica. Milo Djukanovic, against the President Act.

The protest called "Nje ima" started at 18 pm in front of the Montenegrin Parliament building.

The citizens gathered in front of the Assembly carry banners that read: "Start worrying because it affects you too", "We are not giving you Montenegro", "You have nothing to do with these people, they sold you long ago", "There is none!" We do not give the Constitution! We want elections!".

The meeting is attended by the vice-presidents of DPS Jevto Erakovic и Abaz Dizdarevic, as well as the general secretary of the party Aleksandar Bogdanovic.

The gathered, in addition to Montenegrin flags, also carry flags of the USA, EU and Ukraine, writes "Vijesti".

They demand the withdrawal of, as they say, the "shameful amendments to the Law on the President", which, they believe, represent a kind of constitutional blow.

Civic activist Predrag Vusurović said that 35.000 people signed the petition to withdraw the Law on the President

"Never the Montenegro that Vucic dreams of. "Montenegro has stopped," said Vushurovic and added that they want a stable Montenegro, not "a spectacle of Dritan Abazovic."

They also demand the unblocking of state institutions and the calling of extraordinary parliamentary elections.

And on the 8th of this month thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Montenegrin parliament demanding the withdrawal of, as they claimed, the unconstitutional law on the President of Montenegro and the calling of extraordinary parliamentary elections.

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