(VIDEO) In the defense of Vovchansk and volunteers from Belarus

In the Kharkiv region, the city of Vovchansk is being actively defended by Belarusian soldiers to prevent the Russians from occupying it.

The Belarusian Volunteer Corps said that in May its fighters held off the first wave of invaders.

"Then there were battles for every house, every quarter of Vovchansk," said the volunteers.

Now the Belarusians are defending their positions together with fighters from the Russian volunteer corps, which is fighting on the side of Ukraine.

"Our groups broke through the Russian lines to join the established defense line together with the Russian volunteer corps," the statement said.

The Belorussian Corps engaged its American Humvee vehicles in the fighting in the city.

This unit of Belarusian fighters was created in Ukraine in 2022.

Prior to that, the unit leaders were members of various Belarusian volunteer units.

The Belarusian Volunteer Corps first showed footage of the defense of the city of Vovchansk on May 18, when soldiers were rescuing the wounded.

The Ukrainian General Staff announced that the operational situation in the Kharkiv sector remains complicated and dynamically changing.

Fighting is ongoing in the areas of Pilina-Lukiantsi, Pilina-Hliboke, Pilina-Oliynikovo, Murom-Bukhuvatka.

"In the Kharkiv sector, Russian terrorists tried to push our soldiers from their positions three times since the beginning of the day. "The fight is ongoing in two locations near Vovchansk," the General Staff said.

As previously reported, the Russian military is currently actively equipping engineering and fortification positions near Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region.

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