VIDEO | Vlado Janevski: Koprov sold me an Alfa Romeo car, but he helped me earn it

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In the show "One on One" with Jare, in the second part of the conversation, the singer Vlado Janevski told:

"From my first Grand Prix, I bought a car with 'Crno tikveshko'," revealed Vlado Janevski in the second part of the show "One on One" with Jare.

"It wasn't new, but the money was enough to buy the 'Alfa Romeo' for the composer of Crno tikveshko. Koprov and I won the Interfest in Bitola with 'Crno tikveshko', on Monday we took the money from the bank, and I gave it to the composer who helped me earn it", said Vlado. Then, Grigor Koprov revealed in a video clip that the "Alfa" was bought in Germany and was one of the first "33" models that were driven in our country at that time.

"But Vlado forgot to say that I sold it to him cheaply," said Koprov.

Vlado's entire guest appearance is available on the YouTube channel of "Eden na Eden", at this link:

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