VIDEO | Vesna Petrusevska with an emotional announcement about Tose: I did not tell you everything, today I do not have the strength сака I love you

Vesna Petrusevska / Tose Proeski
Vesna Petrusevska / Tose Proeski

Our Tose Proeski would have turned 41 today.

"In honor and memory of Tose": Postage stamp on the occasion of Tose Proeski's birthday

Tose Proeski was one of the biggest stars on the Balkan music scene, but also outside the region, where he was perceived as a trademark of Macedonia. He sang many hits and to this day is unsurpassed on the Macedonian music scene. Today, several of his friends from the show shared a memory with him, and one of them is the actress Vesna Petrusevska.

For a long time, she was the host of the popular show "Carousel" on which Tose was a guest, just the night before she left for Croatia, where she lost her life near Nova Gradiska.
Vesna mentioned the interview many times with great emotion and that Tose Proeski had a strong pace and career as a much older singer.

She shared the video from the show in which she talks to Tose about his plans and wishes, and in the post she wrote:

"Today would celebrate 41 years… I did not tell you everything, today I do not have the strength… I love you"

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