VIDEO | Velibor Jarovski-Jaro: An inexhaustible source of incidents and anecdotes

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

Velibor Djarovski-Djaro is a living legend in these areas, who dedicated his life to discovering, promoting and managing the biggest Balkan stars.

His life is a treasure trove of countless interesting and incredible incidents, which hardly anyone can notice and reliably transfer to paper in the form of a biographical book dedicated to his life. Only his daughter, our colleague, the eminent journalist and author of this book, was able to do that. Milica Jarovska, which conveys the adventures of his father in a unique and entertaining way "Life at stake."

In "Morning Press" Jaro and Militsa talked about the book, about the process of its writing, and of course we did not miss the opportunity to hear some of Jaro's anecdotes in person.

Milica says that it was very difficult to pass on Jaro's stories, especially due to the fact that there was nowhere to check their reliability.

– "Life at stake" refers to his entire lifestyle, which was always turbulent and uncertain. I also said at the launch of the book that even today, at 74 years old and with impaired health, he tries to live that way of life as much as he can. Writing the lines of the book, I thought that I knew everything and that I had heard everything, but it was not so. There were also some stories that surprised me and I had to ask him if it really happened, so he would get offended: "How can you ask me if it really happened?".

Some stories seemed so amazing to me, full of different characters. It wasn't just singers or contests, there were some shows with dolphins, hypnotists, some side characters like technicians, assistants, directors of cultural centers, generals, majors, and even politicians of that time. I didn't have the opportunity to check all that, my only source was his words, and sometimes the stories could be confusing, so I had to decide for myself how to sort them out - Milica explained.

Jaro, as always, was in the mood to share some of his life stories, so he told one of the many anecdotes, which happened during a concert tour around Macedonia by the legendary Croatian singer Miso Kovach.

- With Miso Kovach, we were on tour around Macedonia, together with our singers Verica Ristevska and Cvetanka Laskova. Going to Struga and Ohrid, Misho drove a luxury car, and we walked along the old road. I warned him that it is not safe to drive fast there, because in that part of the road, children can run into the road.

We didn't go 100 meters and Michaud realized that I was right, on the way we saw a huge crowd of people who came out into the street, an ambulance, a fire brigade and a police car. We soon learned that a man named Mizo, who would become one of the main people in my career, threw himself under the bus because the parents of the woman who later became his wife would not give her to him, and he just wanted to prove that he loves her - said Jaro.

Exceptional in her profession as a journalist, Milica had the opportunity to interview many of the Balkan, as well as our Macedonian stars, whom she says are of high quality and that they are certainly loved and respected beyond the borders of our country.

- In the new era, the system of promotions and popularization is not like before. Now everything is on YouTube, on social networks, and before it was a pleasure to go to the trouble, to get out of the borders of Macedonia. The concerts written about in the book were organized on a landline, by sticking posters, with telegrams, and yet they were successfully realized. We have fantastic, high-quality singers, stars who are known and loved outside - Milica concluded.

You can see more of the conversation with Jaro and Milica at the following link:


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