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VIDEO: Vasil Garvanliev had a great first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam

The Macedonian representative of the Eurovision Song Contest, Vasil Garvanliev, together with the MRT team, holder of the license for this selection, arrived in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday.

Garvanliev had his first rehearsal yesterday, and the sounds of the song "Here I stand" echoed on the grand Eurovision stage in the arena "Ahoj".

According to the reactions of the attendees and the comments on the official Eurovision site, the performance was excellent. The Macedonian representative received positive reviews from Eurovision fans on social networks, and there is praise for the styling, a creation of fashion designer Rade Vassilev.

As Garvanliev wrote on social media, he is excited and grateful for the comments from numerous fans across Europe.

The Eurovision song "Here I stand" was written by Garvanliev himself.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held from 1May 8 to 22, in two semifinal evenings and the grand final, and Garvanliev will plays in the first semifinal, 6th in a row.


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